The Most Popular E Cigarette Brands and Starter Kits


Let’s face it: when consumers purchase items from e cigarette brands, they often look at the starter kit as the deciding factor. These kits include everything new users need to get started, and factors such as the included components and price can make all of the difference. Here, we have provided an electronic cigarette brands […]

Are E cigarettes More Effective than Nicotine Patches

Ecigs VS Nicotine patches

E-cigarettes have been introduced to smokers. Most smokers are now choosing to use these devices when it comes to nicotine replacement. However, e-cigs make it hard for people to refrain from using cigarettes. As e-cigarettes are manufactured with no tobacco, these devices still look the same with real tobacco cigarettes. This is the feature which […]

E-Cigs Are Perfect for Travelling


Even though Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of year, it can be so stressful. I hate the lines in the stores and the traffic jams on the roads. Especially in snowy and icy conditions, driving can actually be one of the most stressful parts of Christmas. Once I get to whatever family […]

Disturbing Facts About Ecigs?

Generally, many people especially the pharmaceutical experts are aware about certain health risks that an electronic cigarette can provide to its users. There are different universities and private institutions that have studied the different harmful effects of e-cigarette. However, despite this alarming news and warnings to the public, the number of users of electronic cigarette […]

Students Disagree on Smokeless Cigarette Usage inside Classroom


For the past years, the use of electronic cigarettes remains a problem that is quite complicated to resolve. This concern potentially affected different institutions, groups, governments, and even people from all walks of life. Aside from what others know, there are also students from various schools and universities who expressed their negative perception about the […]

E-cigarettes Rule Vacant Store Fronts


Recently, there have been reports about the small storefronts that have already opened after the remaining closed due to the recession experienced by the United States. However, it brought up some pieces of information that the newest occupants are no longer the dry cleaners, coffee shops, etc. Instead, they are now the small retailers of […]