Your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: The New Way Of Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit: Why would you want to smoke in a new way?

electric cigarette starter kit  is solution to quit smokingWe all are very aware what the dangers of smoking are: 4000 toxics in each cigarette we smoke. Each cigarette will statistically shorten our lives by 10 minutes. I don’t believe that there is a single smoker who really wants to be a smoker. I really believe that there isn’t a single smoker who isn’t aware of the shocking images within this video. But they do turn away their heads in order to avoid the impact of this video; afterall they are hopelessly addicted. They don’t know how to quit and maybe this will not happen to them.

The whole problem with smoking: We are addicted!. Our tobacco companies really did their job right. They invested huge amounts of money into research in order to get the smoker as addicted as possible. At the same time our Governments love it as it is bringing in loads amounts of cash due to the taxation.

We all know that the problems with whatever other solution there is on the market, they all are not dealing with the craving side of quitting to smoke. Our inner voice is the craving and this voice always appears when we are weak. How to turn the volume of this voice down? This is where electronic cigarettes appear to the scene.


Why E-cigs?

The whole power of e cigarettes is actually very simple to explain. You don’t stop your habit of smoking!. Almost all remains the same (at the beginning), except the fact that you are holding a vaporizer and that 3999 of the 4000 toxics are not within the smoke you inhale. Actually I should say “vapor”, as the ‘smoke’ you inhale is vaporized sugared water (Glycol). The only toxic within the vapor is NICOTINE. But nicotine will not kill you!.

Over time you will decrease the amount of nicotine within the e-liquid.

Result: Quit smoking without any form of cravings.

Many options:

When you start to consider this new way of smoking, it all can become a little overwhelming. Therefore we will give you a short overview about what you need in order to start your new way of smoking.

Each vaporizer/e cig consists out of a battery and e liquids or flavor cartridge refills.

Some of the e cigs really look very similar to ordinary cigarettes. Others do have the appearance of a pen. But the essence is the same, you smoke the liquid, which contains the all important nicotine. So it is very important to choose the right electric cigarette starter kit when you begin.

Why is the nicotine so important?

Well, as a smoker you are looking for a good taste. That’s why we choose a specific brand each time. But the reason you’re smoking is the nicotine as this is what gives that specific itch/feeling in your throat when inhaling. This is what smokers love to feel. Some like it to be powerful (Marlboro) and others like it light (Marlboro light).

It all comes back to the amount of nicotine inside your normal cigarette.

Oh, it is very easy to test this out: Try a Marlboro light when you’re smoking the normal version normally. It simply is not doing the job!. It doesn’t work. The same applies to e cigs.

Therefore it is very important to choose the right amount of nicotine when you start to smoke in a new way. Get your e-cig starter kit here now!

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