Are E cigarettes More Effective than Nicotine Patches

Ecigs VS Nicotine patches

E-cigarettes have been introduced to smokers. Most smokers are now choosing to use these devices when it comes to nicotine replacement. However, e-cigs make it hard for people to refrain from using cigarettes.

As e-cigarettes are manufactured with no tobacco, these devices still look the same with real tobacco cigarettes. This is the feature which seems to be a threat in the future of these alternatives. As vaping or the use of e-cigs happens as the new practice of most smokers, the number of traditional tobacco smokers is increasing. Likewise, there are more media outlets that are paying attention with the issue about the electronic cigarette’s culture.

GMA posted the listicle “5 Things Which Anyone Should Learn” this morning. This has something to do with the safety as well as the other concerns which are associated with electronic cigarettes. In this post, the website mentioned Erika Seward. She is the associate vice president of the Federal Advocacy for the American Lung Association.

Anyone may assume that ALA may accept the use of these smoking devices in order to save the heart and lungs of a smoker and those who wish to smoke for their first time. This could be among the most voiced adversaries of smoking. The reality is that there’s no chance to make it happen.

Seward & the ALA are not only those which are against the electronic cigarette use despite their record in assisting the smokers in quitting to their habit. Both of them are claiming that the use of electronic cigarettes among adults represent a health threat to children. Erika said that with e-cigs, people get something new within a similar industry (tobacco industry).

The manufacturers of these products are using the traditional strategies in order to make their products great and enticing in the eyes of consumers. They are using fruit and candy flavors which can grab the attention of the children. They also give some health benefit claims which encourage the smokers to switch to the use of electronic cigarettes instead of stop smoking at all. They use some researchers to support their claims. As Seward is right that sweet flavored “juices” which are used in smoking with electronic cigarettes are famous among “vapers”, these products have the tendency to become small-scale promoted when advertised at all. Most e-cig users are creating their own “juices” in order to suit what they want.

ALA, Yahoo and Seward stated in the report that FDA detected 9 contaminants against the 11,000 contaminants which are present in the real cigarettes. FDA also noted that the toxicity level was displayed to be fairly lower compared to real tobacco cigarettes. She believes that the potential danger should be unacceptable even if it can help the smokers reduce or completely avoid smoking.

The editorial section of the USAToday brought an argument versus the habit of vaping. In op-ed, there is an article wherein the editorial panel said:

“They could be irritating. It is because the e-cigs are not subject for indoor smoking violations in various states.   These devices produce a white and thick vapor which looks the same with the smoke of a cigarette. People may see this inside the movie theaters, offices and restaurants. Jenny McCarthy pitches “I feel freedom to smoke anywhere” in the advertisement for Lorillard’s Blu e-cigs”

The argument implies that electronic cigarettes are distracting and it seems to be an issue despite their intention of helping anyone to quit smoking. It is a proven severe risk to health which can affect even the non-smokers.

The op-ed added:

“Whether the e-cigs can help a person to stop smoking, the board of judges remains out. There was a study conducted in New Zealand wherein the e-cigs are found to be more effective compared to nicotine patches.”

You may assume that e-cigs are more efficient to use than nicotine patches in getting help to quit smoking. It is what the research says but, is there anyone who cares about the vapor they emit which looks the same with smoke? It allows other people to have safer smoking alternatives. However, it is important to be sure that nobody is annoyed while seeing someone uses e-cig.

Dr. Michael Siegel is working for several years in helping men to avoid smoking. He cannot understand why some agencies are doing their best to discourage those who are really determined to quit in this habit. He said that it is true that people are not aware of the chronic effects of e-cigs to health but there is a possibility that smokers may acquire lung cancer once they kept on smoking. E-cigs are effective and these devices make them crazy. What makes them efficient is they can mimic the behaviors of the smokers which the nicotine patches are not incapable of.

Did you think that the use of e-cigs should be restricted for they look like the real cigarettes? Or the users should be given with freedom to vape even though it can bring negative effects to non-smokers?

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